Skip to main content. Shipping to: Las Vegas, Arizona, Florida, Texas California The Pygmy Date Palm or Roebelenii is a dwarf palm as it only gets about 8 ft tall. Pygmy Date Palm. Traveler's Palm. Pygmy Date Palm. In a ceramic pot, your pygmy date palm can enhance any living space, both in and outside your home. We carry Medjool Date Palms, Deglet Date Palms, California Fan Palms, and Mexican Fan Palms. Therefore, avoid moving it about as much as possible. Pygmy Date Palm Tree. This allows it to be a fantastic option for planting under larger palms, in between palms, or in a cluster. We have them in a wide range of sizes, and can find you the perfect tree for any application. and talk with a palm tree specialist for free at:20113 Southwest FreewaySugar Land, TX. Palm Trees. Go Back. Tropical Plants. Desert Empire Palms specializes in four varieties of palm trees for sale. The Windmill Palm is the hardiest palm tree known and it can be found growing happily in areas that are regularly visited by snow in winter and temperatures well below freezing. The Pygmy Date Palm can also be grown in shade and its roots and non-invasive. The plant grows in partial shade to full sun, with the local climate determining where to plant. FROM: $17.99 SET YOUR STORE.   |  Hire a Palm Tree Expert Unlike many other palm trees, the pygmy date palm lives its life on the diminutive short side. How to plant and grow the Pygmy Date Palm (Phoenix roebelenii) The pygmy date palm tree adds a tropical island appearance to any landscape. MyLowes Sign In. I selected a triple trunk palm to accent the house and landscape because as the largest element in the foundation planting it needed some mass. My pygmy date palms are small now, but will grow fast. A heavy-trunked Palm with dense gracefully arching fronds. Buy from the "Growers" and … However, finding the right palm tree that will thrive in your home, office, or yard is key. Low maintenance palm that grows indoors and out Turn your yard into a tropical get away with the exotic Pygmy Date Palm. Usually comes... starting at $29.95. Palm trees add an element of fun to any environment they’re placed in, and make it feel like a relaxing tropical paradise isn’t too far away. This little palm rarely grows more than 12 feet tall, and sometimes only reaches half of that height. Garden Advice; Garden Diary; Services; Gift Card; Contact Us; Skip to the end of the images gallery. coconut palms, Senegal Date Palms, Royal Palms, Pygmy Date Palms, Roebelinii, Washingtoia Fan Palms, Fox Tail Palms, Sylvester Wild Date Palms, European Fan Palms, Bismarck Palms Palm Trees For Sale Near Palmetto, Parrish and Bradenton.   |  Pictures Of Palm Trees With a minimum temperature requirement of 26 Fahrenheit. — So far, I had to water my pygmy date palms every day. See Where To Buy Phoenix roebelenii. Seeing a palm tree makes us think of tropical islands and golden beaches, but not all palms need frost-free growing conditions. I am using mine to create an oasis around my extended back porch concrete slab. Most often planted under and around taller King and Queen Palms. At times we also carry Mediterranean Fan Palms, Sabal Palms, and Canary Island palms. California Grown DATE PALMS For Sale: We sell CANARY Island Date Palms, MEDJOOL Date Palms, Zahidi and Deglet Noor Date Palms. Save space with this compact miniature palm. They... starting at $69.95 . A mature Date Palm will reach 2-3 meters tall. Pygmy Date Palm Care and Information. Pigmy Date – Palm Known as a “miniature dale Palm” or “Robellini,” the pigmy Palm grows to 12 feet – $35 for 7 gallons, $70 for 15 gallons, $100 for 18 inches, $200 for 24 inches Pindo – This really dry weather tolerant palm can mature to 20 feet high and is known for its big cluster of orange fruits – $13 for 12 inches, $40 for 24 inches, $175 for 60 inches, $300 for 72 inches CLICK HERE To Browse The Largest Selection Of Palm Trees Available For Sale In The Houston Area, Find Out Where To Buy These Quality Palm Trees, Tropicals, and Talk Personally With Houston's Palm Tree Specialists. Usually, a single-stemmed palm, the tree can sometimes develop multiple trunks. See Where To Happily low-maintenance, a pygmy palm should be planted with top soil as a soil amendment, and fertilized with granular palm fertilizer in spring, summer and fall. As a small tropical plant, the Pygmy Date Palm has many uses. Some palms will eventually acclimate to the heat but for best results morning sun and afternoon shade is best. The Arizona sun burns the edges and turns the palm yellow.   |  Best Places To Purchase Palm Trees In Texas At Wholesale Prices There are fast growing varieties, slow growers, some which stay small, some are dwarf, some are tropical, and some are hardy to extreme cold. Natives of Southeast Asia—Thailand and Burma—the date palm seems ready to grow most anywhere, including Orlando. Gracefully in appearance, they are planted as ornamental and create exotic and tropical atmosphere for any landscapes. The Robellini is a date palm and because of its small size it is often referred to simply as a pygmy date palm. Buy Now . Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page. At A Quality Plant we specialize in palm trees, our passion is raising the best Florida grown palm trees available from our nursery.. As Florida's top wholesale palm tree distributor we sell just about every palm tree that you can imagine Canary Date Palms, Medjool Date Palms, Areca Palms, Sylvester Palms, Sabal Palms, Bismark Palms. Home AVAILABILITY INSTALL SERVICES PHOTOS Blog CONTACT Providing Quality Products & Services for Over 18 Years. The container it is in may also have some effect on its growth rate. The stress caused by a change of environment can lead to the loss of a few leaves. The Pygmy Date Palm grows best if is in the shade in the afternoon. We have them in a wide range of sizes, and can find you the perfect tree for any application. Sale. Find a Store Near Me. They do not grow huge, and their roots are not known to damage walkways, planters, hardscape or pipes. Phoenix roebelenii, with common names of pygmy date palm, miniature date palm or just robellini, is a species of date palm native to southeastern Asia, from southwestern China (Yunnan Province), northern Laos and northern Vietnam, (in Dien Bien Province, Ha Giang Province, Cao Bang Province, Lang Son Province). Pygmy Date Palm Tree. Usually comes in double or triple palms. The pygmy date palm is an ornamental dwarf tree with a short slender trunk, resembling a pineapple. They are very sturdy and are more forgiving than other tropical palms. Harlingen Texas wholesale palm trees, palm trees in Harlingen, sylvestris date plam trees, natives, shrubs and more. Plant care. Usually, a single-stemmed palm, the tree can sometimes develop multiple trunks.   |  Medjool Date Palm Trees For Sale In Houston, Texas Good on slopes, in parks I had a Pygmy Date Palm installed last year in front of my house. The web site of GRIFFIN ROAD NURSERY & LANDSCAPING LLC. A Tour To visit our Houston Area Palm Tree Farm And Tropical Nursery Our Pygmy Date Palms are custom grown from the best specimens at our farms - from Southern California to the Arizona desert. Types Of Palm Trees For Sale In Texas In order to keep its good looks, it is important to provide it with enough humidity and to place it near a window so it gets sufficient amount of sunshine. Texas. Hobe Sound Palm Trees, Many sizes & Types to choose from. more info. The stem is always slim and often is no more than 8 inches across on a tall tree. Pygmy Date Palm – Phoenix Roebelenii Phoenix Roebelenii Pigmy Date Palms are the most popular small to medium size, slow-growing, shrub-like palm tree in Southern California. Pygmy Palm is one of the most commonly used types of palm trees. Home; Contact Us; Nursery; Landscaping; Installation ; Delivery; Palms; Estimate Request; Shop; Give us a "Like" and "Share". Choose from a wide variety of heights, curves, and frond spans that will bring the tropical look to your property. Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page Lowe's Credit Cards Order Status Weekly Ad. Plus, the near-dead palm seems to be hanging on. Phoenix roebelenii, is a popular ornamental plant in gardens in tropical and subtropical climate areas. Garden Advice; Garden Diary; Services; Gift Card; Contact Us; Skip to the end of the images gallery. They are very sturdy and are more forgiving than other tropical palms. Sale. A dwarf date palm, also known as a pygmy date palm, can grow up to 10 feet (3.05 meters), but it does so very slowly. It is a dwarf of Phoenix family. The Windmill Palm has a tall trunk which is typically narrower at the base than at the top, since the upper stem is covered with the bases of the leaves, which persist for many years and give this palm a shaggy trunk. Lowe's Home Improvement lists My Lists. Adonidia (Christmas) Palm; Areca Palm; Alexander Palm; Bismark Palm; Bottle Palm; Canary Island Date Palm; Coconut Palm; Foxtail Palm This type is related to the standard date trees, but they don’t produce real dates. Pygmy Date Palm Tree Phoenix Roebelenii . We pride ourselves on selling well established, sun hardened palm trees direct to the public, at Wholesale and retail palms, delivered to your door across the East Coast of … Cart with 0 items Cart. These palms are native to Southeast Asia and are common in South Florida. The Robellini is a date palm and because of its small size it is often referred to simply as a pygmy date palm. All Tropical Palms Nursery 595 Buena Vista Avenue Gilroy, CA 95020: Hours of Operation Monday - Saturday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Sunday, 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Our coconut palms are field grown from coconuts produced by our own trees. The mature Pygmy Date Palm Tree can grow to 10 feet in height, if given adequate fertilizer and water. Shop in pygmy date palm (l7542) in the tropical plants section of Palm Trees For Sale Near Palmetto, ... European Fan Palm and Pygmy Date Palm. Palm World Nursery is a family owned tree farm and plant nursery with over 35 years experience in care and sales of Palm trees in Melbourne. Bottle Palm. PRODUCTS. The Pygmy Date Palm Trees is rugged and tough and resistant to salt water spray, but this palm tree can show damage to foliage if the temperatures drop below 30 degrees F. or high winds. Palms are one of the world’s most useful plants. Date Palms Nursery, Landscaping Services: Nursery, Landscaping, Installation, Delivery, Palms, Plants: Sylvester Palm, Coconuts Palm, Podocarpus plant. Pygmy date palms are identified by the crowing mass of gracefully arching pinnate fronds. Available in Stores. Buy Now. Welcome to Palms Online, our online palm nursery with various varieties of palm trees for sale. Saw Palmetto, Silver. It blends in well with other palms and will tolerate a little frost, and summer heat does not bother it. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery.