Two days later she called back and was so enthusiastic, saying ‘My dog has just passed a firm poo’. Wendy is today a patron of the German Shepherd Dog League of Great Britain Arden Grange is a popular international brand of dog food offering a wide range of products based on the dog’s age group and size. UK Made. Premium complete hypoallergenic wet food with natural succulent fresh meat and fresh wholesome vegetables. Today, its biggest seller is Arden Grange Adult Chicken and Rice. Arden Grange Senior Dry Dog Food : Older dogs need a special diet that is low in fat and supports healthy joints & metabolism. I started off doing in-store demos, promoting the product to customers and explaining it and its ingredients.” Arden Grange is an independent, family run, British company that has been producing naturally hypoallergenic cat and dog foods for over 20 years. “All have been very beneficial,” said Wendy. Before establishing a pet food company, the couple had been breeding Ardenburg German Shepherds and had been showing them for several years. Over the years Arden Grange’s popularity and reputation have grown rapidly, and our products are available in over 30 countries throughout the world. She herself has been ‘retiring for several years now’, but does not see full retirement on the cards anytime soon. “It’s a great opportunity to get to talk to people.” With Arden Grange hitting its 20th milestone, are there any celebrations planned? For example, the family also runs a boarding kennels (it used to be quarantine facilities before the pet passport scheme rolled out). View For example, when Wendy started using krill oil herself, she wondered about adding it to their dog food. Dr. Tim makes three different formulas: Momentum, Pursuit, and Kinesis. The love the couple had for their dogs led them to seek out the best nutrition. Arden Grange is a family run business founded in 1996. Arden Grange: This is a highly recommended dog food brand in India. We are immensely proud that we remain true to our roots and are still an independent, British, family owned company. Arden Grange promises top quality nutrition at an affordable price It contains around 60% – 90% moisture. The range is now available in over 30 different countries, and the calibre of the ... brand speaks for itself. They offer a range of products that address your dogs specific needs during whatever stage of life he is in. We've compared the monthly cost of the three most popular brands of dog food, as well as the best and worst scoring brands from our survey. “It is a very high quality food,” said Wendy. Wendy revealed that there will be ‘exciting competitions’ next year and a number of new launches. “It was a natural progression to make our own food,” said Wendy. Great quality and value for money - take a look! It took a few more years before Arden Grange was able to source it sustainably in sufficient numbers, but Arden Grange has since become the first UK company to feature krill in all its dry dog food. They’re also very good for the skin and coat,” she said. “There’s so much marketing speak, I cannot be doing with it,” she said candidly. However, Wendy is adamant that any ingredient used must come out of the extrusion process with a clear benefit to the pet. 1. Sue Hodgkiss has been with Arden Grange for 20 years It is full of natural, wholesome ingredients. Arden Grange - Advanced Nutrition for Dogs and Cats Introduction. Many owners choose Authority Dog Food for its quality ingredients. Arden Grange’s strict attention to detail and pursuit of excellence cuts across all areas of the business – and beyond. Wet dog food is the complete opposite of the dry variety. All of our canine and feline diets are naturally hypoallergenic, benefiting from prebiotics and joint support. For more information on our logos tap here She added: “But when you look at our industry, the pet trade offers a very personal service. Find out more about cookies, © 2020 FREETIMERS FOR WEB PROGRAMMING & CMS, WEBSITE DESIGN AND PROGRAMMING BY FREETIMERS. © 2020 FREETIMERS FOR WEB PROGRAMMING & CMS She adores all animals, but admits German shepherds are very close to her heart. Arden Grange has an active online presence through its website, Facebook and Twitter, and runs various competitions on social media throughout the year.