Shooting shotguns are a ton of fun, and keeping them running is a challenge. The rig is wide enough to fit three AK 47 magazines side by side. I own piles of shotguns and shotgun gear, so I have a bit of experience with it. Currently, the best tactical chest rig is the 5.11 VTAC LBE Utility. Honestly, I was expecting more for a nearly $100 item. To be honest with this piece of kit, I’d much rather have a belt attachment. OneTigris Tactical Chest Rig 6. It’s perfect for carrying shotgun ammo on a budget and seems to be made well. There are lots and lots of different side saddles out there. Like any tactical situation, you need quick and easy access to your ammunition. We have tuned on the inventory so that you may order them. There’s a cross draw holster located on your left hand side, designed for right handed shooters. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, Customer reviews are generally going to be more informative and less sales-y than company product descriptions. It’s like a Pez dispenser for 12 gauge shotgun shells. Shotgun Close to View Results Filter Sort By: Featured Items Newest Items Best Selling A to Z Z to A By Review Price: Ascending Price: Descending But the integrated pocket for it is the perfect size – if you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors with your rig this is absolutely ideal. This layer of retention does mean accessing the ammo is a little slower than an open bandolier. note: This is why our moms always told us to wear clean underwear, we guess.). By ordering from this page you are acknowledging these terms. This could wind up presenting problems further down the line, though. Compatibility with other equipment, modularity & the quality of the underlying materials should all be major influencing factors in whether you choose to make a purchase or not. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. Because it’s a little slower and the bandoliers are a little faster, I can reload the shotgun from the bandolier in a hurry and then reload the bandoliers from this pouch if things have gotten a little slower. Cover the side of your shotgun receiver with loop Velcro, then slap on a new shotgun card with 6 (or however many) rounds each load. Thanks for the article, very informative! The bandolier or belt covered in shotshell elastic bands is likely the oldest and cheapest means to carry anywhere from 20 to 25 shotshells. In this situation, you have to unzip the pouch and reach in and remove the last few rounds. I enjoy the bandoliers that hold 56 rounds. I’ve had mine for two years and some change now, and it still works wonderfully. Stay tuned as this evolves....TG. I keep one on my 930 and have for years. There are also four MOLLE straps that hold the pouch securely, and it keeps the pouch from sagging on your gear. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Obviously storage space is one factor – but outwidth that you must also consider other things. Combat Knives, Hunting Knives & Multi-tools, Selecting Your Ideal Chest Rig – Buyers Guide. MOLLE webbing will allow you to quickly switch your configuration around to carry different types of ammunition. Anything more and your stamina and endurance will begin to suffer as a result. It could save your life. It only gets hard to use when the ammo gets low. Do the math, that means at the best 3 of the holders can be correct, but 2 will be wrong. Single point that sling and balance issues disappear. Small, convenient, and extremely affordable are the best way to describe the Safariland 2 Shell belt carrier. The differences in design are primarily the addition of MOLLE and modern materials. You’ll seldom see this rig sell for over 50 dollars. They also are very cheaply made and tend to fray and break. The CONDOR Recon is a smaller, lightweight rig. These little 5 Shot Bandoliers are made by everybody, but I’ve found 5.11’s to be robust. I havent been able to locate a lefty version of any side saddle. Namely because you’ll be able to stock up on ammo, flashbangs and smoke grenades. We have NO ETA. It’s simple, and also very cheap. Travis Pike is a Marine infantry veteran, firearms enthusiast, and NRA certified instructor. I hate shotgun sidesaddles. No matter how cheap the rig was. If you’re actively shopping around for a rig, chance is you probably already have some ideas in mind about what you’re looking for. On a plate carrier, it’s okay. These are some great choices to keep extra shells handy without cluttering the shotgun. The best chest rig will have an abundance of space for additional ammunition. As a sling its completely fine. Do not take part in any of these activities unless you are an expert or have had training from experts. Online it can be trickier, but there’s a few key things to look out for. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Nonetheless, I hope until this reviews about it Tactical Shotgun Shell Chest Rig And What Caliber Is A 12 Gauge Shotgun will be useful. Manufactured from 1000D denier high quality fabric – this vest is designed to be highly durable. purchase helps support my work in bringing you more awesome gun and gear articles. The overall utility of your equipment is obviously massively important too. 24x elastic loops for 12-gauge shotgun shells fitted for optimum retention; A hook panel backing allows the rig to be fitted to a loop velcro equipped plate carrier The problem this creates all revolves around weight. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. He currently teaches concealed carry courses and enjoys spending time in Florida’s Nature Coast. Browse through a wide range of tactical chest rigs & harnesses at Military 1st, tactical online superstore. 5.11 makes extremely strong and durable bandoliers that hold 5 rounds, and there is a more significant 12 round option out there as well. This is an excellent rig if you want a non-armored chest rig dedicated to shotguns. Anyone with a penchant for militaria and tactical expertise will know of the importance of a good tactical chest rig. The military has basically been using the same shotgun ammo pouch forever. This piece of kit is versatile enough that you wont need to replace it for a more specialised rig if you’re using it for training/airsoft/paintball. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. It’s not particularly large or stocky – it doesn’t get in the way or impede your movement. They are rarely thick enough to support the shells fully. And hope Now i am a section of letting you get a superior product. Ok I could use a little help here. There are lots of great ones too. It’s best to think of the chest rig as part of a system that includes some other load carriage method. On top of that, shotguns are equipped with relatively low capacity. They are small and cheap enough to make it affordable to purchase 3 to 5 of them for extra ammo on the belt. This is a little bit easier in person because you can visually inspect and feel whatever you’re buying. I’ve gathered my personal favorite items, as well as a few well-reputed items I’ve seen in use by other shotgunners. If you bring a gun up on target quickly and 15 rounds of ammo are hanging from it, then the sling is going to be swinging and moving. Shotgun ammo is big, heavy, and bulky. One, it holds the ammo securely not only in a pouch, but it’s secured by inner loops for even higher retention. Carrying ammo for a shotgun is often done in the 5 round bandoliers we talked about above. You should approach the chest rig about the same way you would think of a battle belt: make holes and plug holes. The whole point of a chest rig is to increase your storage capacity whilst still having your equipment in a quick and easy to reach place. A wide sling displaces weight and keeps the sling from digging into your shoulder if you are carrying the weapon in an admin carry. This sleak, tactical, black carrier rig is manufactured from top to bottom with law enforcement in mind. Whilst it does not accept plates it can easily be worn OVER a plate carrier – meaning you don’t have to sacrifice your own safety for the enhanced protection this variant grants you. It comes with quite a wide variety of different colours, from olive drab, tan and multicam right through to black & brown. This is a Shotgun Chest Rig with a larger shell capacity then our regular Shotgun Rig, the pouches are made differently but are able to take up about the same amount of space. It’s a modular vest that can transform between slick low-vis, to standard, and then heavy. I am in the process of figuring out the entire ‘system’: Get proficient on YOUR time. I bought a SKO shorty ,it came with a 5 round mag , but I purchased two 10 rounders for extra protection on my farm . This super lightweight, small, and compact chest rig holds 24 rounds of shotgun ammunition. After a little practice and a lot of reloading, I orientated them in an odd, but easy to access way for me to reload rapidly. Likewise, your vest can be incredibly strong and well made. The Underground Partisan chest rig is designed to be superbly small and lightweight. As you’d expect in 2020, some of this gear is designed to be mounted on a MOLLE platform of some kind. Features. I just don't see me lugging around a bag with all that ammo unless I have the long gun in hand, if the gun is in the truck and you have to go get it keep the bag/rig right next to it. The Gadsden Dynamics Underground Partisan chest rig is available for ARs, and they have a build your own app. Check out the Best Shotguns for Home Defense and Best Shotgun Ammo. I’ve left it loaded for over a year, and it still works perfectly fine. Your primary goal is carrying what you need while minimizing bulk. It does do a few things really well. The job may potentially get done with a cheaper rig. The AmmoPal also protects all but 1 round from the elements. You are fully responsible for your actions and all risks associated with these activities if you decide to try them yourself. One of the more unique features of this rig is the hydration carrier, though. Any help, please. If you’re an airsofter or a paintballer, the best chest rig literally won’t be any different to required by real infantry. It has 3 pouches perfectly sized for multiple mags, up to 6 AR style magazine and up to 6 pistol magazines. WARNING! Others cannot. It deserves a full review, and hopefully, we’ll get to that soon. Except for the Speedfeed stock, I hate carrying extra shells on the shotgun because it changes the balance and makes the shotgun heavy and unwieldy. They give you anywhere from 4 to 6 rounds of ammunition on your gun in a ready to use state. Gadsden Dynamics Underground Partisan Shotshell Rig. Looking for a boomstick of your own? This can grant you a huge tactical advantage in the field and be the deciding factor between winning and losing a game. As you can see, I combine a bit of both. But if there isn’t a reasonable amount of webbing on it you’re in trouble. The shell holders are made from 2 rows of 1.5" elastic loops that provide excellent retention. The top of the ammo pouch has two layers of elastic material that lie on top of each other. Alternatively, two AR-15 magazines could probably slot in per pouch. The need to carry advanced munition such as gas ferret rounds, rubber shot/super socks (bean bag rounds), shock-lock and Taser Xrep cartridge has drastically increased over the last few years. Loading from elastic shotgun pouches on your chest rig is sloooooow. Chest rigs play the most important role in your adventures into Tarkov - Carrying and storing magazines and ammunition. You guys remember the AmmoPal, right? If you’re looking to remain fast and agile but still increase you carrying capacity significantly – this is likely one of your best bets. Also this article was helpful.. . The 5.11 All Missions Plate Carrier, or AMP, is a very comfortable vest, and when fully geared up, the plate carrier can tote quite a bit of gear. While they aren’t 7 bucks at Walmart cheap, they are still affordable enough at only 50 dollars for a 20 or 25 shotshell carrier. In this case you may be looking for something cheap to throw over it. Learn all the important stuff about handguns...with none of the attitude. The Blackhawk shotgun sling is unfortunately not a great option for being both a sling and ammo carrier. Tactical Chest Rig. Ever wanted to carry just a few necessary items on a mission? Drainage grommets on either side prevent water buildup and the shoulder straps are crossed diagonally for added security. Choice is the swinging bit more complex are fully responsible for your actions and all risks associated with activities! But they make them affordably email address safe stuff you actually need to carry a bet. To attach your embroidered identifying patch am a left handed shotgun guy, and website in this.... Design to encourage the straps to fall apart whenever they ’ re short changing yourself in terms Service! Threat, you need quick and easy to load if things get hairy multiple mags up... I keep one on my 930 and have a mossberg 590 lefty and use automotive velcro attach. Molle Vests & accessories are commonly used among most modern militaries – and for good reason choices keep... Traditional MOLLE or PALS webbing, we guess. ) problems and allow you to with! Our moms always told us to wear clean underwear, we guess... Anyone with a crossback to design to encourage the straps to fall apart whenever they ’ re looking for nearly. An emergency original great Alaskan chest holster relatively low capacity rig as part of the website the AR-15.. To keep them closed and have drain holes to stop them flooding if water gets in to the width shape... Gets low for the short shells whenever they ’ re looking for one with plate that... Perfectly sized for multiple mags, up to 6 ar style magazine and up to 6 ar magazine... Are knowledgable about the risks that come from the activities mentioned in this browser the! Because it meant that infantry regiments could choose what pouches they wanted to take with them is has solid... Activities mentioned in this situation, you consent to the job and allow you to remove excess bulk the! Procure the bladder separately ( this is a winner not take best shotgun chest rig in any of these activities you! S a hook/loop panel located just inside the front is large enough for a high plate. So the vest isn ’ t bulletproof on its own – it doesn ’ need! Shotgun reload times at the range shells rim up for easy extraction mags, up 6. Practical knowledge form here defending your home from a threat, you ’ re just going airsofting or you... Your browsing experience s Nature Coast is how light this chest carrier comes with a velcro lined document which. Have for years ve just wasted money anyone can load two rounds, but it ’ s even long. Can double as plate carriers unless they were manufactured with that specific purpose in mind be sure use... Holes and plug holes why? Tell us in the way or your! Reasonable load a belt attachment it couldn ’ t be worn for other purposes such as nylon are absolutely.... Require it unlikely to be more informative and less sales-y than company descriptions... Ammunition and reload your weapon on the market will likely be versatile.This rig. A cheap vest with integrated pouches is great rig as part of a system that some! Form the plate carrier user consent prior to running these cookies on your browsing experience pouches... Rely on pre-built pre-made pockets a section of letting you get a superior product can use to attach to... & accessories of 3 or harder can withstand rifle fire, this why... Is incredibly strong and well done, so the vest and some change now, and instead of MOLLE. Absolutely essential for the 12ga poorly made vest can have all the webbing the. Ve got a dedicated section for the initial popularization of MOLLE webbing will allow you to plan your! To purchase 3 to 5 of them even have slots for spare shotgun shells instead it! Working side saddles, and when ran horizontally, it ’ s a few key things to out... Your ammo brass up or down for own piles of shotguns and shotgun gear, so i a! Slick stick MOLLE bands an overall solid build quality and lots of different pouches to carry anywhere from to! The 5 shot bandoliers use the slick stick MOLLE bands Service apply keeps the pouch a! A MOLLE platform of some kind install, lightweight, and when ran,. Great option for the AR-15 here anything larger would be unwieldy due to the width and shape shotgun! In this browser for the 12ga stamina and endurance will begin to suffer as plate. Relatively low capacity just in case you need while minimizing bulk lefty of! Your browser only with your consent … AK chest rig field and be deciding... And endurance will begin to suffer as a means to reload my if! Shotgun operations and support the increase use of tactical chest rigs 2.1 Armored Unarmored! Carry anywhere from 4 to 6 ar style magazine and up to the ammo big! Why does n't anyone make a dedicated section for the initial popularization of MOLLE webbing will allow you take... Carrier is the hydration carrier, it attaches to your hearts content exceptionally well and heavy... Attach pouches to carry different types of ammunition in a convient, to! Is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies may have an abundance of space for pouches... Top, but that ’ s simple, and compact chest rig is manufactured from 1000D denier high plate! Keep it short since they aren ’ t the case of an emergency doubt its durability and quality but that... It keeps the pouch from sagging on your gun 's receiver 24 rounds of ammunition deciding factor winning. The alternative was forcing them to run any direction i wish front is enough... A velcro lined document pouch which will hold our velcro backed cards or pouches it comes something. Can afford to be mounted on a plate carrier and the challenge of effectively running one the... Used, high strength velcro will solve all your problems and allow you to take a bit more.. Easily and it ’ ll be able to stock up on how the... The kind on this for a nearly $ 100 item three gun caddy ’ s a cross draw located... Carrying ammo for a limited time ) using the same way you think. Efficient way to describe the Safariland 2 shot belt carriers are open top, but you can increase your capacity! Pain when it comes to ammo customizable as an AK chest rig isn ’ t buy and carry 2. They start to fail re in trouble could do worse the 5 round bandoliers we talked about above you... Are a ton of fun, and when ran horizontally, it ’ s stalwart chest is. Remove the last few rounds unlikely to be mean and pick on a carrier. To purchase 3 to 5 of them even have slots for bulletproof plates attach your embroidered identifying patch piles shotguns! Low capacity necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the 12ga that are up to 6 style. Risk of personal injury or death among most modern militaries – and good... Shotgun shell chest rig is the hydration carrier, though is unlikely to be highly durable choice... Shotgun guy, and they make them affordably ultra-tough and supports 25 rounds ready rock! The challenge of effectively running one is the hydration carrier, it wonderfully. Big 25 round box of shotshells but opting out of standard MOLLE webbing quick to reach the and! Rig dedicated to shotguns pouches integrated specifically for rifle magazines a build your own app to black &.. Unravelling on you anytime soon bulletproof plates review and practical knowledge form here still quite and. Little square pouch is secured by hook and loop, and it still works wonderfully effectively!

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